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Hanson Logistics Ltd – New Storage (Time Lapse)

What Happens When a 9000 Pallet Space Warehouse Just Isn’t Big Enough?


Well that’s exactly what happened at Hanson Logistics site in Huddersfield and a solution to increase storage space was required.

The company decided that an area in the yard could be utilised for a storage warehouse as the amount of vehicle parking spaces had decreased. The first step was to submit a management of change to the board of directors with a feasibility study included.

Once the MOC had been approved it was a case of finding the correct supplier and then once a design and price was agreed the next step was to apply for planning permission. The type of building selected was a modular building that meant that the site impact was minimal as most of the construction process was completed at the manufacturer’s factory prior to delivery.

When the planning was approved a delivery date was agreed along with an installation date. The installation took 4 days from start to finish for the actual warehouse with an additional 2 days for the drainage system. In addition to the above work we also retro fitted an internal bund wall as well as emergency lighting, and emergency call points.

The whole programme has been a resounding success and the install was complete with zero accidents to contractors or Hanson employees. The warehouse is now being utilised for storage of up to 1000 pallets which has helped immensely with the amount of available storage.

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