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Hanson Family Holdings



Hanson Family Holdings acts as the family office of the Hanson family and is the umbrella under which the Hanson family interests and companies are monitored.

The Hanson family business interests originated during the mid 1800’s in the cobbled streets of Longwood, Huddersfield with Mary Hanson carrying wool and textiles by packhorse between Longwood and Huddersfield.   The current chairman’s grandfather went on to transform the small haulage business into a concern of international repute which at one time included petrol stations (Jet Petroleum), car & coach hire, a school of motoring, a property company and a travel company.

Lord Hanson, who was chairman of the company prior to his son the Hon Robert Hanson, set up Hanson plc with Lord White.  Both transformed Hanson plc into a global multi billion pound conglomerate before it demerged in the late nineties.  Sadly both Lords Hanson and White are now deceased.  Following the demerger, Robert Hanson left Hanson plc to set up Hanson Capital and to concentrate on the family’s interests and has expanded the group into Investment Banking and Asset Management.

Today Hanson Family Holdings has one trading subsidiary, Hanson Logistics Ltd, and oversees the various other companies under the Hanson family ownership.

The company has its headquarters in Mayfair, London

business scope to cover freight, warehousing, storage and distribution activities.


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